Are you fed up with the exorbitant costs on medical treatments? Do you wish to have a genie at your service, who could pay for all your health-related bills? Enjoy an ensured life with the health insurance plans that take complete care of your health-related needs and spending surplus at the hospital is no more a worry with it. But with the new-entrants in insurance space in the recent years, it has become quite difficult to find the perfect partner for your health-related needs. If you’re the one looking out to filter the best health insurance plan which covers all your surgical expenses and medical bills then scroll down and find your best fit.

What does health insurance not cover?

In most of the cases, people are vigilant regarding the benefits and features of their chosen best health insurance plan and fail to focus on the exclusions mentioned in the policy. Exclusions is the term used for those medical cases that the company isn’t liable to pay for. Going thoroughly through the eliminations can help you get a clear picture of the services that the policy won’t be supporting you.

  • Any of those pre-existing illness won’t be covered up. But make sure that you get what the insurer means by the term ‘pre-existing illness.’
  • Majority of the companies exclude certain diseases in the first few years of the coverage. And some waiting period is imposed on such condition.
  • Pregnancy, dental services, congenital external defects, intentional self-injury, AIDS, X-ray or laboratory tests not coming under the hospitalization cases, naturopathy treatment, contact lenses are some of the facts that are not covered under the policy.

Read along to find in detail

  • Pre-existing conditions

This is the case wherein the family members suffering from any excluded diseases at the time of taking policy; then they are regarded as a pre-existing condition. They have a waiting period before which no medical expenses for such diseases will be met. Some of the pre-existing diseases are a cataract, arthritis, kidney stone, chronic diseases, etc.

  • Birth disorders

If any of the family members suffer from any birth disorders, then expenses for such cases also won’t be met.

  • Weight loss surgeries and minor illness that doesn’t require hospitalization won’t be covered under the policy.
  • Costs of hospitals

There are limits to the fees paid for the doctor or the expenses for ambulance etc. You need to carefully read the prospectus and should ask for the exclusions specifically.

With the flooding number of health insurance policies, it’s quite a tedious task to figure out the best health insurance plan available to us that can meet our requirements. Read to find out some of the best insurance policies in India.

Best Health Insurance Plans of the year

The health insurance marketplace is quite a competitive one. The rivalry to top the lists is always soared just like those ever-rising medical expenses. So to seek for the best health insurance plan that could genuinely act as a savior in disguise at times of distress, we have listed the names of some of the best health insurance plans of the year in accordance to their eligibility, affordability,  coverage, uniqueness of the features, exclusions and most important of all- the customer service.

So keep reading to choose what you think is best for you!

Medical inflation is sure to be sketched in our minds, whenever you feel like dropping out the plan of choosing health insurance. Moreover, it’s wise to be cautious enough to not misunderstand the best health insurance policy as the cheapest one. What we need is a perfect balance between the insurance coverage and insurance premium. So before you hop in to buy one, think of what you need or what are your medical expectations. And look into it to know whether the opted one meets your expectations. If that’s a resounding YES, then dare to proceed!

Some of the best health insurance plans are listed below. You can also read more about these plans on Coverfox.com.

  • Max Bupa Health Companion Individual plan
  • Star Health Senior citizen red carpet plan
  • HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Gold Regain Plan
  • Aditya Birla Health Diamond Plan
  • Star Health Family Health Optima plan
  • Apollo Munich Health Optima Restore Plan
  • Royal Sundaram Health Lifeline Supreme Plan
  • Universal Sompo Health Privilege Plan
  • Cigna TTK Health Prohealth Plus Plan
  • Religare Health NCB Super Premium Plan

So here are a few things to keep in mind when buying the best health insurance are:

  • Type of illness which is covered under the plan should be known before finalizing the plan. Best health insurance plan cover both that are critical illnesses and those which diseases which are expensive and require better care and treatment.
  • Network hospitals- Make sure that the insurer has tie-ups with doctors and hospitals that are in your vicinity. The best health insurance provides a broader network of hospitals.
  • Choose plans with minimum waiting period as the expenses for pre-existing conditions won’t be met during the waiting period.
  • Analyse the health need and choose a plan accordingly.
  • Sum Insured- it is the maximum amount of money covered by a policy. As the medical expenses vary with the locality, you live in (metropolitan or a city) be cautious of the sum Insured.
  • Incurred claim ratio- Choose the plan with higher claim ratio, so that the chances of your claim getting rejected is low.

So be well-informed and vigilant in choosing your health insurance policy on Coverfox.com.

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