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Clearit – Importing to Canada is Never Made as Easy

If you are planning to buy a car from the other side of the world or if you are a businessman and you want to expand your business, you have to go through the hassles of importing. When you are importing something, you need to heed the rules and regulations of two countries and to think the security worldwide is tightened; this can be a strenuous ordeal indeed. This is why such activity is quite burdensome for an ordinary layman.

It is just a good thing though that there are now a number of companies that provide importing assistance services and one of them is Clearit.ca. You can choose to import to Canada with Clearit and enjoy the skills and expertise of their customs brokers.

Hiring customs brokers can make things easier for you whether you are a businessman or just a private person. You don’t have to deal with the insurmountable paperwork, the stress of falling in line in some busy agencies just to obtain some forms and most of all, there will be no need for your deals to be delayed.

But why choose Clearit? How does their service works?

  1. You need to sign electronically the power of attorney that can be found in your dash board by choosing the red square. You also need to upload all the documents that are shipping related as well as the Bill of Sale.
  2. The moment your Customs Clearance will be completed, you can see your invoice and B3 in your account. That’s when you need to give the payment.
  3. Note that the goods will not be moved until full payment is made.
  4. And therefore your goods will not be cleared as well for how can something that does not arrive be cleared.
  5. The moment your goods are cleared, you will immediately receive a notification

Here are the steps you need to do if you want to avail the services of Clearit:

  1. You need to create an account and then make a request for clearance.
  2. There are live agents that will process your shipment right away and they can also answer questions.
  3. Need not worry about your personal details as they will keep them secured.

There is no need to go through such a burdensome ordeal. Let Clearit help you and process your shipment.

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