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Digital Marketing Jobs: the New Era Marketers Are Seizing it Up

Over the last decade the way we conduct our day to day lives has witnessed a major paradigm shift. Internet has ushered in the age of connectivity. Social media channels are keeping human beings constantly connected with each other while technology is connecting humans with technology itself.

In this digital age, customers are purchasing online and businesses are getting more and more comfortable with online business opportunities. In fact, we are now looking at new online business models coming up like aggregators who are bending the rules of business.

With so much going on the need for digital marketing has increased tremendously. The new age digital marketers are redefining marketing principles like never before. This has increased the opportunities to make a career in digital marketing in Singapore.

Digital marketing in and of itself is a summation of different independent marketing disciplines. Let’s see what the growth prospects are like for each of them.

  1. SEO Specialists

As the digital businesses are maturing in the virtual space, they are realizing that they just cannot ignore SEO. If they want to see sustainable growth and success, then they would need to get SEO specialists on board who are into white label practices. The new Google algorithms have also increased the need to have qualified SEO specialists on board who can optimize the website for better visibility.

  1. Social Media Marketers

With Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn boasting of millions of members, these platforms have become hotbeds for promotional activities. Social networks have become an interesting avenue that can help marketers to understand their audience better. But each social network is different with its own rules. So it will be vital for businesses to have a seasoned social media marketer on board.

  1. Mobile Marketing

There is an increasing number of people who are using their smartphones as a primary device to access internet and look for products and services. This makes mobile a growing opportunity for promotional activities. To be able to ride this growing tide of mobile emergence, a mobile marketer is going to be needed by the businesses.

  1. Email Marketing

Although email marketing has been around for so long, it is only now that it is evolving and maturing into more targeted promotional channel. Businesses will need to hire experienced email marketers who can think of 360-degree digital engagement and drive email campaigns with focus on conversions.

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