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Don’t just buy. Make sure it’s legalized

Used cars online market is a flourishing segment in the modern days. Purchasing a car from the market platform has come with ease. However for convenience and transparent transactions, there are paperwork and documents required to certify the car on market and make the transactions legit. Some of these documents that are required in purchasing second hand diesel car in Bangalore include:

Registration certificate

This is a vital document that has information about the vendor and the car. It holds details on the engine number and chassis number which should essentially match with the actual car. Check before purchase that the vehicle identification number matches the number plate to avoid forgery. The registration certificate should also contain the color, model and type of car you are about to purchase.

Purchase invoice

This is a document that is issued by the dealer when a new car was purchased. When buying a car from the owner, a sales receipt duly signed by the owner is issued instead. In case the car is too old or the original purchase invoice is not found, no objection certificate is drafted instead to certify legal purchase of car. This document should be uploaded by the dealer or owner to the official website.

Insurance policy

There should be an insurance policy that is valid. During purchase ensure you transfer the papers into your name to avoid stress in case of accidents and to ease after payments. Before transferring the paperwork, check whether the premium has been paid on regular basis and the expiry dates of the policy.

Road tax receipts

Make sure all the receipts have been paid to avoid penalties that may arise after and incur extra cost. Any taxes and penalties applicable by individual authorities is the liability of the first owner.


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