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Everything You Need To Know About Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes Benz

If you are looking to buy a Mercedes Benz, you can choose from a brand new or a pre-owned car. The used Mercedes cars also fall in two categories. First one the regular used car and secondly, the certified pre-owned Benz. Now you would wonder what this certified used Benz means. Here is everything you need to know about certified used Mercedes.

Which all cars qualify for this certification?

It is not easy to get an old car certified. In order to do the same, you need to pass several inspection areas, major of which are mentioned below:

  1. Engine compartment test
  2. Pre-road test
  3. Engine system and component condition
  4. Undercarriage as well as drive train
  5. Electrical system and function
  6. Chassis and body
  7. Road test
  8. Appearance
  9. Post-road test
  10. Document verification

Only if the car passes these tests and criteria will it be called a certified pre owned Mercedes Benz.

What are the benefits of buying a certified used Benz?

Since the certified pre owned Mercedes go through a number of inspections, you can be sure about its quality and engine health. Apart from that a Mercedes often get NVLW (New vehicle limited warranty) for a total of four years. If the used car that you are buying is certified you will still get the remaining warranty which might not be the case when you buy it directly from the seller.

As a certified owner you will also have several advantages such as round the clock roadside assistance, trip interruption program, a few free servicing etc. You will also be eligible to get vehicle exchange privilege wherein you can return the vehicle to its owner within 7 days or 500 miles (whichever comes first) of your purchase.

You also have an option of exchanging it with a different owner if he is ready to give you extra money and the actual owner will have no say in it. Apart from these benefits you get peace of mind since you know the car is coming directly from authorized party and a lot of things are still covered in the same.


If you are also looking to buy a used Mercedes Benz, then it is in your best interest to go ahead with the certified pre-owned car. Not only will you get value for money but future assistance which is an important part of buying a new car.

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