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How to Adopt Eco-Friendly Policies in Your Hotel

Many businesses have now begun to take environmental concerns seriously. Awareness has begun to rise about the harmful effects caused by local businesses to the environment. Ranging from deforestation to the release of harmful chemicals into the local river streams and their surroundings, a number of businesses have been found guilty of disposing their waste in a harmful manner. Global warming and climate change are now very real threats that humanity faces as a whole. Over the past few years, many scientists have talked about the impending threat caused by global warming as well as effective measures that businesses need to take in order to protect the environment. Reducing your company’s carbon footprint is the first and most important step that you can take in order to play your part in protecting the environment. Here are some simple eco-friendly policies that you can adopt in your hotel.

Choose a Green Linen Hire Company

Linen products are very commonly used in different hotels and most hospitality businesses usually outsource the laundry of linen products to private companies. Regardless of which company that you choose to work with, it’s very important that you find one that follows green policies. One of the first ways to ensure that your hotel is running in an environmentally friendly way is to choose a green linen hire company. When comparing quotes from different linen hire companies, you should always ask them about the eco-friendly policies that they have adopted. If more and more businesses work only with companies that use eco-friendly policies, there will eventually come a time when all businesses will be making a collective effort in order to protect the environment.

Set Recycling Targets

A considerable amount of the waste that is released from hotels and restaurants can eventually be recycled. Paper products, linen products, and discarded crockery and cutlery can all be recycled eventually in different industries. Recycling is a considerably better option than processing the waste and it uses much less energy. Set realistic recycling targets so that your business is able to deliver. It’s going to be virtually impossible for your business to immediately start recycling all of the waste within a month or so, which is why you should set reachable targets based on what you think that you can achieve. A clever way to set goals is to follow the SMART approach to setting goals.

Hang up Plants

Creating a green space on your property is a great idea for businesses that want to actively participate in the green movement. Basically, you can allot a small amount of the space outside to create a garden or hang up some plants. Planting trees on the property also offers tangible benefits to your business. Trees help in lowering the temperature around the area and also produce more oxygen so you will notice an immediate increase in the quality of air within the hotel. These are just a handful of things that you can do in order to improve your hotel’s eco-friendly policies.

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