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How to Choose the Best Website Chat Software?

We all know that good quality customer service is crucial for any business’ long term success. One of the key ways in which businesses have been offering an engaging customer experience is by integrated a live website chat software to offer real-time solutions to customer queries. The installation of such a tool not only develops the confidence of customers when they shop online, but also help in enhancing the rates of conversion.

The overwhelming number of choices available for website chat software with all claiming the best option makes it more daunting for businesses to choose one. In the following sections, we will be discussing about how to choose the best website chat software for your business website, which can help you in reviewing the available solutions and making the perfect choice.

On-Premise vs. Cloud-Based Chat Apps

The first thing is to determine the kind of chat software you need – on-premise or cloud-hosted. However, before choosing one, you need to know the difference between these. The on-premise software resides on a dedicated server that is maintained by the IT department of your company, while the cloud-hosted one will be on a third party server.

The cloud-hosted program is more flexible, hassle-free and user-friendly when compared to the on-premise one. However, it depends on the type of your business. If you wish to maintain all information and data within your company’s infrastructure, the one-premise app is a better option.

Mobile Support

With an increasing number of individuals accessing websites through mobile devices, it’s vital for the online chat software to offer mobile support. It should be accessible across all platforms and devices so that you can offer the needed support to all customers. Before choosing one, ensure that the app is mobile ready and works on all kinds of devices. If the software has native apps for Android and iOS devices, it’s an added advantage.

Customizable to Match Your Brand

Your business might already have built a brand image and the chat software you choose should match this brand image and your website’s overall appearance. So, opt for a program that can be customized as per your choice as this can help in better promoting your brand image. Many good chat programs come with customization options for font style, font color, font style, pre-chat survey form, welcome greeting text, and more.

Staple Features

Every live chat software comes with many useful features, though there are a few must-have features for every program. So, you need to look out for vital features like chat monitoring, Facebook chat integration, visitor analytics, Queuing, proactive chat, chat routing, smart triggers, chat rating, file transfers and canned responses.

Apart from the above considerations, take into account the basic aspects like pricing and customer support also into account. We hope that the above checklist helps you choose the best program and add chat to website. The best live chat software would be the one that meets most of your requirements.

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