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How to Make Your Business Suck Less

Running a small business is never easy. Running one so that is it successful and stays within its miniscule budge is soul sucking and exhausting at the best of times. It can keep you up late at night worrying if you made the right decision or if your vendors will deliver on time. Yes, I suppose you could work hard to increase sales, but even that can eat up precious cash flow.

But businesses have proven you can do it, and a good example of one is the company you will see when you click here. If you want to have a snappy looking website like this company does, and the sales to show it off, then you need to listen up. You don’t have to break the bank with expensive ads or fancy marketing campaigns. But you do have to use your good common sense and a few of your connections. Here are some ideas to show you what we mean.

Your Customers are Your Best Asset

Do you talk to your customers on a regular basis? This might be easier to do if you run a retail establishment, you might be thinking right now. But the truth is you should be engaging with your customers on a regular basis no matter who you are. This is where you just might find that this customer needs not only what they already buy, but another product they didn’t even know you had available.

Upselling to a customer that is already happy with your product is much easier then trying to woo a total stranger over to your side. If you have created that trusting relationship, then talk to them about their situation and ask about what problems they are facing. Truly listen and see if there isn’t a way to use this relationship to have both of you gain.

And while you are at it, ask these same happy customers to give you a referral to someone they think could use your product or service. If you can get them to quote how happy they are for an introductory letter or to put on your website, be sure to get that as well. Testimonials are especially successful in a small industry where many of the players know each other.

Have a Special Sale

Everyone loves a bargain so why not offer a special sale to your clients for a short time? It doesn’t have to be a big discount or for a very long period of time to make a difference. This may sound like just the opposite of what you need if cash is crunched right now. But the truth is it may encourage your customers to increase their orders for that month or convince possible new customers to sign up now.

Engage in Social Media

Yes, you probably have heard this all before but if you aren’t using all your social media accounts to their fullest capacity you are losing out on some potential sales. It doesn’t matter that your following is small, what matters is that they do follow you and will notice anything you announce. Don’t leave out this important tool to create a free marketing campaign and make others more aware of your brand.

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