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How to Protect Your Security Camera Footage?

Security cameras are an important buy because they are not only expensive, but also ensure our safety and security. Therefore, we certainly would not want them to either get damaged or destroyed by an intruder or accident.

Amongst the very few Hikvision vulnerabilities, the most common is the hacking of the security camera footage, but the company offers security updates, which the buyer has to update regularly. Most of us have heard about hackers breaking into the security cameras and altering the footage. The security cameras record indiscriminately unless they are given instructions by a user. This means that not only your activities are recorded by the camera, but the criminal activities also get recorded on it.

If somehow the hacker is able to access the footage of the security camera, they are going to learn about your personal activities and may study these recordings to obtain a pattern, which can be used to harm you in some way.

Although breaking into a security camera and obtaining the footage requires technical expertise, there are some things you can do to protect your security camera footage:

  1. Rotate Passwords- An effective way to ensure that your security camera cannot be hacked is changing the passwords regularly. Try to make them as randomized as possible. Try to use combinations of alphabets, numerals and special characters so that it is not easy to guess your password.
  2. Keep Updating- The firmware of your security camera must constantly get upgraded whenever there is a new update. Most of the vulnerabilities surface when the software is outdated. This gives the hackers an opportunity to break into the software. You can register the camera with a manufacturer who will constantly update your camera at regular intervals of time and combat with any security concern.
  3. Eliminate Risks- Nowadays most people are incorporating the services offered by cloud for expanding storage. But few people realize that by doing so, you are making your security camera more prone to attacks by hackers. It not only makes your camera vulnerable to attacks, but also makes your storage provider insecure. Therefore, it is advised that you carefully understand the merits and demerits of cloud storage before you decide to incorporate it in your surveillance system.

While most people think of only physically protecting their camera, the above mentioned ways are going to make sure that no body is able to hack the security footage and cause you any damage.

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