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Replacing an old office printer? Check these smart suggestions!

Even the best printers must be replaced after years of use. If you are buying a new printer today, you would be spoilt for choices. There are a bunch of reliable brands and hundreds of models to choose from. If you are wondering how to choose the right printer, below are the things that really matter for better replacement.

  1. Choose more than just a printer. Today, printers do much more than printing documents. You can go for a 3-in-1 model, which can also scan and copy. There are other printers that also offer a choice for faxing. For smaller offices, the multidimensional printers always work better.
  2. Have two printers at your office. Yes, you read that right. Depending on the volume of printing each month, you need a laser and an inkjet printer. The latter is important for color prints and better pictures and images, while a laser printer works better for volume work. While the cost of owing two printers can be a bummer, you will save eventually in operational expenses.
  3. Make the most of technology. The same printer can be accessed by many employees at the same time with wireless connection. Go for a printer with that feature, and make sure there is an in-built memory card reader and USB flash drive. Some models can even take printing instructions from mobile devices.
  4. Do you need duplex printing? The feature of duplex printing enables the printer to work on both sides of paper, and thereby, you can save effort and paper at the same time.
  5. Shop online. Online retailers always have the latest and popular models in stock, and you can expect to get great discounts. In most cases, shipping is instant, and you can expect to get additional assistance on buying toners and ink cartridges.
  6. Consider the warranty. You won’t be replacing printers anytime soon, so make sure to check the warranty on the product. Some brands offer extended warranty for more than five years for an extra charge, which must be used to avoid repair expenses.
  7. Finally, decide on the brand. Printers from brands like HP, Canon and Brother are known for performance, and you can get the best possible support for repairs and technical issues.

Lastly, don’t forget to check for coupon codes, which are applicable for certain brands and websites. You can save huge if you order for printer and additional ink cartridges together.

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