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Technology and the Modern Office Team

Offices in today’s digital age are dependant on technology to keep them running smoothly or even running at all. If you have ever been in an office when the power has gone out, you know exactly what I mean. But beyond the basics of running a computer and keeping the lights on, many offices today depend on technology to help coordinate teams and create a collaborative atmosphere regardless of the status of its individual members.

In fact, for many modern businesses today, small offices with most of their staff working remotely has become the big change that is shifting how team work gets done. But just as we adjusted to computers instead of typewriters in our offices, today’s business teams are using cloud-based software applications to remain a team, even while they are scattered across the landscape.

Productivity Tools for Teams

One of the big changes for this new modern office has been the development of remote teams who brainstorm, solve problems and even come up with marketing plans, all while working in different parts of the city or even the country.

Smart tools such as the Microsoft Dynamics AX for team collaboration use the power of the cloud to create synergy among team members. With this type of tool, managers can work with everyone from marketing and sales to finance and customer service to create a smarter more efficient company. Designed for individualization but organized for collaboration between departments, it is the perfect productivity tool for any business manager to implement.

Collaborate Across the Cloud

While you may find the dashboard for the Dynamics AX a great tool for cross department production, smaller more flexible collaboration tools such as Slacker are perfect for small teams within departments to work together on set projects. These types of tools have allowed remote workers to brainstorm with other team members regardless of where they are located.

The ability to work with a team while in your home office has made it easier for many young mothers to stay in the workforce. As we begin to get more comfortable with remote workers, geography will no longer play a role in deciding who the perfect team member will be for that next big project. From Chicago to Atlanta, teams of all types of sizes can find common ground.

Addressing Productivity Challenges

Of course, not every problem can be solved by simply applying the right technology to the problem. But it can help you to identify any pressure points in your production flow or weaknesses in your business plan.

It may be that having old technology such as outdated computers or too slow an internet connection is keeping you from achieving everything you want to this year. This is why it is essential to have your technology base be a part of your business plan, and to assess it from year to year to ensure that new methods of technology that may help you to overcome certain hurdles are used as they become available.

In the end, if you are not sure what you want to use to make these changes, you can always trust in the experts around you to help you chart a new course. Just as the shifts in technology make it hard to know all aspects of it, trust that your experts that you have brought into the company can guide you through the shifting sands of the business world and find the best solutions.

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