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The advent of sash windows over the years

A sash window is defined as one that has a couple of frames that can slide vertically and this permit for a greater airflow. The design for these windows was developed during the mid-17th century in England. Since then, these windows had been a vital part of the Western architecture. People opted for these windows as they developed aesthetic character along with airflow and make your room look fresh, new and a real winner. The sash is technically known as the frame which holds the two pieces of the window in the form of one component.

Contrary to the windows in which the frames are built into the wall, sash windows make the glass autonomous of the wall plus permit it to move. Sash windows are comprised of panes of glass that are called lights. The out-dated sash windows were developed by many square lights that were held together with the help of a network of bars. But, with modern technologies, beautiful sash windows in London comprises of only a pane of glass instead of smaller panels. There are available different variants of these window types. Architects change the style generally by adjusting the size and the number of lights in every sash. They also include complementary features surrounding the window.

The contemporary vs. modern sash windows

All through the UK, there are available countless properties that are fitted with contemporary single-glazed sash windows. Among these properties, some maintain their actual timber frames. However, though these windows are aesthetically pleasing, yet these actual sash windows are tough to maintain and they aren’t energy efficient too. With the advancement in glazing technology, a person need not comprise style for the sake of comfort. Today, the sliding sash windows look safe, attractive plus energy efficient. Nowadays, the sash windows are available in both traditional timber and uPVC and there are countless types to suit every person’s taste and home.

Major benefits of sash windows

The remarkable 5 benefits of these windows are as follows:

  • Safe and secure – The sash windows have incorporated many safety features. With the Georgian bars and secured locking systems, you will feel absolutely secured in your home. There are many sliding sash windows that are tailored with child protection restrictors.
  • Energy efficient – Like other window options, the sliding sash windows range can easily attain ‘A’ Window rating. The modern designs ensure there are no cold spots or unwanted draughts. With these windows, a person will feel warm in the winter season and save money on his energy bills.
  • Low maintenance – Maintaining both the traditional timber range and uPVC sliding sash windows are excessively easy to maintain. You can wipe the uPVC range to make them look clean. The timber sliding windows do have a lifespan of 60-100 years.
  • Versatile – No matter you reside in a modern apartment or a period property, the beautiful sash windows in London do turn as a perfect solution at the time of window upgrade. When your home is modern, you should try the uPVC range for augmenting your home.
  • Functional – The sliding sash windows are a perfect substitute for standard casement windows. Today, the sash windows are strong and have high-quality balances for a reliable operation.

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